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The Unmet need in Autism:

A typical child’s brain develops in a step ladder sequence. When a child is diagnosed of ASD, Child shows selective behaviour to environment. This affects their listening and attention span.

To understand this better, early on in the journey, most children with Autism ignore their name being called or to unfamiliar people around them or noise around them but respond to the favourite music or favourite objects.


This causes impairment in their understanding of the world, people and situation around them. So, how would a child feel in such situation? They might feel anxious or fearful.


To adapt to these situation, they show restricted behaviour- means they will restrict their interaction, communication, diet, sleep. They might also show restless or hyperactive behaviour often confused as ADHD. A diagnosis of ADHD should only be considered once Autism specific strategies has been implemented.

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Geniuslane Targeted Autism Care (TAC)

Child with Autism also adapt with a Rigid behaviour which means that they feel anxious with changes and often labelled as inflexible, causing impairment of their daily routine and social events of the family.  They can show aggressive behaviour towards self, others, melt downs. This would usually be for the smallest of reason but the behaviour can carry on for a long time. Sometimes with change in environment or with a bad experience they can have a regression of their sleep, eating, speech and irritability.


During early years the brain is developing connections. As Children with Autism do not explore the world and people universally, they have more anxieties, dissociation behaviour and obsessive behaviour when they grow older.


The purpose of Early identification of Autism is provide an environment where the family and school can understand the child’s need, difficulties and strength. Universal strategies for typical developing children often do not work in Autism and can make the child do activities but worsen their restricted behaviour, adaptations and Repetitive behaviour. With Autism specific strategies which are specific for their developmental age, children with Autism respond more to their environment and have a better outcome.

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Why Geniuslane Targeted Autism Care (TAC)

Attentive Therapist

Timely Care and Support

At Geniuslane, we listen. We provide a specific targeted plan without delay on your app. We provide information about support from SEND, NHS or CAMHS the family might need.

How we developed Targeted Support

All children have difficulties and need based on their stage of brain development and environment. This is a dynamic situation which can be measured. We measure child listening and attention span, Understanding of situation, expressive speech, Emotional regulation, managing self, Understanding of the world and people, play stage, literacy and math's skills on the Early Years foundation stage framework.

We measure social emotional reciprocity, restricted-repetitive behaviour, irritable behaviour, Parental stress, sleep routine and diet restriction. This information is processed by our unique algorithm to provide a set of strategies which are delivered on the parents app.

This process is repeated every 2 months and targeted strategies are provided on Parents phone until we note consistent improvement in the above. Parents are supported with weekly parents meeting where they ask their questions about day-to-day difficulties with our specialist. Parents are provided twice monthly meetings with our Psychologist to aid the program.


Our data published and presented at the British Paediatric Neurology association showed that 85% families showed reduced Parental stress index and 70% of children showed improved Early years foundation skills and reduced Autism specific behaviour.

How it works and how can you enrol:

See if you are eligible to enrol in TAC
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Criteria A: Age of child

Child is between 2- 10 years of age

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Criteria B: Diagnosis

Has a confirmed diagnosis of Autism or on the Autism pathway. We also provide diagnostic assessment.


To get access to Individualized Autism Support, follow four simple steps:

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First consultation with our team

30 min free consultation with our psychologist. We provide information about the program and consider enrolment or sign post for other help in the area.

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How to download Geniuslane Learning App

Yes, it's completely free to download. 
Geniuslane is one of the best places I came across for paediatric early intervention support for my child. My child is getting better and I feel extremely lucky to be in such able hands. I find the visible result in my child and I recommend the place for disorders related to pediatric neurology.

Home program videos helped us a lot to reduce anxiety in my child. Also improved my understanding of child behavior.
Parent of a child with Autism

Parents Recommending

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