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Founder's Story


Dr Rahul Bharat, a Consultant Paediatrician specialising in Neurodisability and Epilepsy, serves at the Child Development Centre in Hillingdon, North London.
With a significant body of research in Autism intervention, he has identified a notable gap in parental understanding of Autism. Parents often misconstrue autism-related characteristics like non-verbal communication, hyperactivity, or behavioural challenges, and may inappropriately apply neurotypical strategies or therapies.
While potentially enhancing certain abilities, these methods can inadvertently exacerbate behavioral issues. Recognising this, Dr Bharat has developed 'Geniuslane,' a platform dedicated to empowering parents with evidence-based, easily comprehensible information about autism.
His work has positively impacted countless families, demonstrating a decrease in parental stress and significant improvement in achieving both short-term and long-term developmental goals for children with Autism, other Neurodiversity's and Neurodevelopmental impairment. 

Our Story

Geniuslane was born with the idea to support every child from 3 months of age to 10 years who face challenges in their day-to-day life due to neurological problems.
Geniuslane was first started in Lucknow, India in the year 2014 as a pilot project to understand the barriers to early intervention.

And to develop digital solutions which can be replicated in every Indian city so children and families can get help near their homes.

Geniuslane firmly believes in and practices the play-to-learn methodology. They disregard therapies for children and in turn, they focus on play to learn methods that act more natural and are beneficial for children.

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Our Process

Geniuslane's approach begins with

Step 1: Correct Diagnosis. Using advanced tools, we accurately identify each child's specific needs.

Step 2 involves Parental Understanding. We guide parents through the implications of the diagnosis, focusing on the child's strengths and challenges.

Our goal is to empower parents with knowledge and tailored strategies to nurture their child's development. We emphasize building the brain's capabilities and enhancing skills through individualised programs.

This two-step approach ensures a comprehensive understanding and effective support for each child's unique journey, fostering growth and unlocking their full potential.

Geniuslane British Paediatric neurology result
Our Results
Leveraging a unique collaboration between Pediatricians and Psychologists, bolstered by cutting-edge technology, we successfully completed our pilot project on Early Intervention in 2018.
Serving a diverse clientele across India, this initiative has led to a significant reduction in medication for 90% of our outpatient children.

Our digital approach to early intervention has not only improved adherence, with 73.41% of patients engaged for a year or more, but also enhanced Early Years Foundation Skills in children. This cost-effective digital platform effectively reduces parental anxiety and fosters children's development in the crucial early years.


Our Supporters

Research supported by Kernow health
Research work supported by Wessex Academic health science network
European Regional Development Fund
cpd certification service
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