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Geniuslane Learning 


Our Expert-led, CPD-approved courses are for all health and Education professionals. and are held virtually or in person. We offer a range of online learning, Webinars, all hosted on our app and web platform, Geniulane Learning. Explore these and select courses from Speciality groups relevant to your learning needs.  

One of the key features of Geniuslane Learning is their expert-led courses. Their courses are taught by experienced and knowledgeable professionals who provide insights and practical advice based on their expertise. The courses are also CPD-approved, which means that they meet the standards required for continuing professional development. Geniuslane Learning offers various learning formats, including online learning and webinars. Their online learning courses can be accessed through their app and web platform, which provides a user-friendly and interactive learning experience. The webinars are held virtually, allowing individuals to attend and participate from anywhere in the world. Geniuslane Learning is an excellent education platform that provides expert-led and CPD-approved courses for health and education professionals. Their courses are flexible and can be attended virtually or in person, and they cover a wide range of topics relevant to various specialties. Individuals can explore their specialty groups and select courses that suit their learning needs, making it a convenient and effective way to continue their professional development.

Geniuslane Learning CPD Courses for Paediatricians to support neurodiverse children and their families better.

Foundation course in Paediatric Non-progressive Neurodisability

Geniuslane Learning CPD Courses for Psychologists to support neurodiverse children and their families better.
Psychologist or Therapist or SEN

Foundation course in Paediatric Non-progressive Neurodisability


Information that will help you overcome feeling of helplessness, lack of support and stress during and after diagnosis 

Geniuslane Limited CPD approved Courses for schools, SENCO's and safeguarding leads so that they can undersatnd the needs and challenges neurodiverse children at their school have.

Learn about Neurodiversity and create a trauma informed strength based school. 



The conference was amazing very informative very helpful knowledgeable , the topic was carried with brilliant examples videos , the pratical session in workshop had a great impact on us got lots of new experience , helped in enhancing our knowledge mindset also got to know the right way of  diagnose ADHD Dyslexia etc . I  am obliged to be a part of this conference thank you.
Shamama Rizvi- Psychologist
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