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Autism Severity Score: prognosis tool for autism

Project type

New Development


Dec 2018


Lucknow, India

The disabling factor in autism according to our research observations were found tobe self engagement, anxiety and obsession. A scale was developed for assessing a child on these dimensions to find out the severity score on these factors. The aim was to standardize an autism severity scale to provide prognosis. After intensive research a pool of items was developed. Standard test construction procedure was followed for developing the tool. After pilot survey done on a sample of 60 children with initial 24 items, the scale was finalized with 18 items. The final version of the scale was then administered on a sample of 114 children who were already had diagnosis of Autism using ADI-R. The autism severity scale demonstrated a good internal consistency of (r= 7.89). Out of 114 children 40 children were enrolled for therapy interventions developed at geniuslane child development center. The scale was re- conducted on those 40 kids who initially had high score on the scale after 10 weeks of regular interventions. Significant difference between pre and post test was found among those children which showed significant change in autism severity score after 10 weeks of intervention.

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