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Project Type

Comparitive Research


June 2021


Truro, Cornwall United Kingdom
Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, India


Indian Pediatrics

Autism Spectrum Disorder in the COVID 19 Era: New Challenges - New Solutions

Method: Parents of 45 children with a confirmed diagnosis of ASD - 15 from Cornwall, United Kingdom [mean (range) age, 11.06 (7.02-17.05) years] and 30 from Lucknow, India [mean (range) age, 5.2 (2.11- 8.07) years] participated in the survey. A semi-structured survey was constructed. It included four variables: change in behaviour (CIB), change in the routine (CIR), regression in skills (RIS), and parental stress (PS).

Consent: Consent was obtained, and General Data Protection Regulation guidelines were followed during data collection and analysis.

Results: The mean rank for CIR, PS, and CIS was higher in the UK as compared to India. Parental stress was found to be increased in all the parents, however; among parents in the U.K., it was found to be significantly higher. Findings also showed that parental stress impacted child's routine significantly and decreased their skills.

Findings: This survey explored the support available and the effect of lockdown on children with autism spectrum disorder and their families in India and the United Kingdom. Our findings showed significant problems for children and families due to lockdown.

App-based information delivered to parents with support showed encouraging feedback.

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