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India's First Playschool for Neuro-Developmental delay

How does it work? 

Children's brains continue to develop after birth until 8 years of age. This is called the foundation of  Early years skills (EYFS). A strong foundation is needed for learning. The brain develops layers by layer in a sequence. If this sequence is disrupted children present with Neurodevelopmental delay. 

At Geniuslane Playschool, a Trained Pediatrician assess the child and marks the diagnosis on Geniuslane software. A trained Psychologist observes and marks their (EYFS) and behavior. The software provides a parenting program on the parent's app and a classroom program delivered on the TV app.

Children have repeat assessments every two months which generates a new program and identifies if children's progress is satisfactory or their home program needs more support. When children reach their 5 years milestones they are discharged to school. 

We provide school teacher training so they can support these children. We are providing Pediatrician training so they can aid in the Early identification of children who need this help and communicate in a clear way with families. 

Our Pilot project from 2018 to 2021 confirms that this process is most effective in India and children integrated into Main stream schools are able to cope, learn and perform then they would have otherwise. 

Why Geniuslane was created?
What is needed (1).jpg

What is needed

Space 1500-2500 square feet  |  Funds- 15 Lac to 30 Lacs 

What are we offering? 

Centre Design and installation

All equipments and toys 

Staff Recruitment and Training 

Software training, installation, and Support 

Escalation, support of all patients 

Day-to-day support and monthly compliances to ensure high quality

Free Geniuslane Parents support app 


Return of Investment (ROI) 200% over 12 months

New Patient locally directed to your centre 

Patients, Staff and Centre support 

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Interested to know more

Be a part of our initiative with an aim to support families and children with Neurodevelopmental delay.

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