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The Struggle is Real:Part II

While going through the recruitment process I have got an opportunity to interact with a mother,  who has recently got to know that her daughter has Autism spectrum disorder. Her name is ‘A’, she is 2 years 3 months old. I asked her when you felt that something is unusual in her, did she reach developmental milestones?

She stated that at the age of 18 months she was able to speak, pronounce words beautifully, recites the poem, active, curious, loves to explore the environment but whenever we called her name she didn’t respond appropriately, it seemed like she is not able to interact lacks social communication skills,. I regularly visited the pediatrician. I have informed him about this problem but every time he advised me that it is normal and she does not have any problem mother felt the need to do something for her child so she took an appointment and met a speech therapist.

Speech therapist advised her that A does not have any speech problem. Her vocal chord is absolutely normal and that she should visit neurologist /psychiatrist. Here she got the right direction. Then she started A’s treatment at GeniusLane Child Development Centre. She asked me why paediatricians don’t know about this developmental condition. I have wasted 6 months. I could have brought my daughter earlier for treatment.

As she asked me why paediatricians don’t have enough knowledge about this neurological condition, I think it is a big loophole in mental health awareness & intervention programs in our country. We have to take a stand and it is teamwork: neurologist, psychiatrist, psychologist, counsellor, occupational therapist, etc. Everyone has his remarkable and unique position. Early identification leads to an early diagnosis. There are a number of studies showing early intervention has a positive impact on outcomes for children with neurological difficulties and developmental delays. We have to work together, and only then we can expect a positive outcome.

written by- Ms Jyoti Kashyap

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